Our Approach

The Highman Law Firm specializes in employment law. Over 90% of our practice is in this field of law including sex discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, employment contracts, race discrimination, age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, disability discrimination, religious discrimination, whistleblower cases, overtime matters, wage and hour claims, severance package issues, lactation rights, and family and medical leave issues among others.

As an experienced law firm we provide aggressive representation to workers in need of protecting their rights. We enjoy a reputation for providing careful, creative and comprehensive counsel to individuals in a wide array of employment law matters. We pride ourselves on advising our clients of the upside and the downside of their individual situations, on being tenacious, on having won large verdicts and awards, on settling and resolving disputes, on paying attention to detail, on being thorough, and on applying our experience and knowledge to the case at hand.

We strive to maximize your settlement or award, and to customize and tailor the approach taken, and relief sought, to your unique situation.

We believe that all employees should be free from harassment, discrimination, retaliation and enjoy the protection afforded under the law.